The Nigerian Petroleum Industry Bill

Published: 2021-06-30 06:31:47
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Nigeria is the sixth largest producer of oil in the world. The Nigerian oil industry is troubled by scandal and corruption, lack of transparency in interaction between the players and a confusing complexity. Of these issues, lack of transparency is particularly problematic, although the others are also notable, with recent scandals including the evasion of over $6 billion in tax by Halliburton West Africa.
This study offers the first two chapters of a fuller piece of research designed to analyse a solution which, it is hoped, goes some way towards addressing these problems: the proposed petroleum bill.This bill, the Petroleum Industry Bill, was put forward to the Nigerian House of Assembly in 2007 but has not yet been passed, due, it has been suggested, to actions by interested multinational corporations. The bill puts together several different pieces of legislation, and acts as a proposed replacement to existing (and very complex) legislation. As the bill gives more power to indigenous oil firms, it has been seen as an attack on the oil and gas multinationals.
The study aims to assess the new bill, and particularly to look at how it compares to best practice around the world. The full study includes both a review of secondary literature and a primary study, although only the introduction and literature review are included in this version. The overall aim of the study is to look at the bill’s key aspects and compares them with global standards and the state of affairs in other oil producing countries. The study first sets out the background to the issue in a literature review.

This examines the details of the proposed bill itself, and also looks extensively at best practice in the rest of the world, for example looking at Norway’s Petroleum Industry Act.The first and second chapters provide a sound basis for a primary research study looking at the questions raised in more detail.
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