Compare/Contrast of the Movie and the Book Night of the Twisters

Published: 2021-06-30 07:50:56
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There were many differences between the book and the movie. One of the differences in the movie is there is a tornado tracker guy who gets information on the tornado, but in the book, there isn’t a tornado tracker guy. In the movie, Stacey doesn’t help get Dan ad Arthur out of the basement, but in the book, she does. In the movie, the Mom doesn’t give instructions to Dan and Arthur, but in the book she does. In the movie, when Mom leaves the house, she’s checking if Grandmas okay, but in the book, she checks on Mrs. Smiley. In the book, Mrs. Smiley is one of the characters, but in the movie, she isn’t one of the characters. In the book, Dan drives the police car, but in the movie, Dan drives through roadblocks to get to Grandma. In the movie, Dad got stuck under a car and got rescued, but in the book, Dad never got stuck under a car. In the movie, Dan sneaks into the car when Dad is looking for Mom, but in the book, that doesn’t happen. In the movie, Dan has an earring, but in the book, he doesn’t. In the movie, Grandma dies, but in the book, Mrs.

Smiley dies. In the movie, when the family meets, another tornado is upon them, but in the book, when they meet, there are no more tornadoes. Even though the movie and book were different, I still liked both of them a lot. The movie and book were similar in many different ways. The movie and book had the same date, setting, and title. They both talk about red and black letter days. The movie and book had mostly the same characters. They both had Dan doing bike races. In the movie and the book, Dan likes Stacey. They both had tornados in it. In the book and the movie, Dan and Arthur are friends. In both, the movie and the book, Arthur has a lot of sisters and brothers and moved from California. In both, the movie and the book, when the tornado starts to destroy the house, Dan struggles to get Ryan to the basement. In the movie and the book, they hide in the basement and then get into the shower. In the movie and the book, so many things get destroyed, but no one died from the tornado. There were a lot of similarities between the book and the movie.

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