Why I Hate Montclair

Published: 2021-06-30 08:01:06
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When I first stepped onto the campus of Montclair State University, I knew it was a place for me. It was so beautiful and walking past the gorgeous, blooming flowers, in the middle of spring was breathtaking.
I could imagine what being a student in the school would feel like and how quickly I could become accustom to it. Unfortunately, I had to face the fact that it was all a dream and nothing was perfect as it seems. Even though Montclair State University has many great aspects, it also has negative aspects as well.The three most significant aspects of Montclair State University that I believe can be improved are parking, the shuttle bus, and the registration arrangement. One of the most important negative aspects that I dislike about Montclair State University is the parking system. Most students at the University are aware that parking is indeed very difficult and can be extremely stressful at times. The worst part is that freshman and sophomores are required to park at the transit deck which is about a ten to fifteen minute walk.
Parking in the transit deck is very time-consuming, and usually the reason most students are late to their first class.Finding a good parking spot takes a lot of effort, and takes even more effort at certain times throughout the day. For example, if a student has an 8:30 class, it is extremely difficult to find a parking spot in the first, second, and even third floor. A student must circle around each floor and sometimes drive around the same floor of the deck twice in case they missed a spot. It is nearly impossible to find a perfect spot, so the only thing a person can do is to get the first spot available to them even if it is located in one of the highest floors.One must leave their house or apartment extra early especially if they have a morning class just to find parking. Truly, it does take a lot of time, and even worse when it is packed.

All in all, parking is one of the aspects of Montclair that I was not expecting, but it is something that I must adapt to in order to continue making the most out of my college experience. Another aspect of Montclair State University which I truly dislike is the shuttle buses. These buses take freshman and sophomores from the transit deck to certain areas of the campus to save the ten to fifteen minute walk.Although that seems fair and organized, it actually is not. I can honestly say that sometimes walking is actually much faster and less time-consuming than actually taking the bus to campus. The bus is never accurate in its schedule and never comes when it’s supposed to. Sometimes students must wait at the shuttle bus stop from a range of five minutes to an hour for a shuttle to come.
Therefore, on some days it is actually better to walk the mile rather than wait for a shuttle and be late to your next class.Taking a shuttle bus is the worst part of my day because not only do I have to wake up extra early in order to catch a shuttle bus and get to class on time, but I also have to wait for a shuttle bus after class ends. After a long day of classes, the first thing I think about is going home to take a nap. However, by the time I get home, it is usually too late to do anything because I have work to complete for the next day. All in all, shuttle buses are not as advantageous as they are supposed to be. Last but not least, the registration arrangement during registration time is something that I hate but try to understand.During the registration process, seniors get first pick and can choose from any courses they want.
The next day, juniors get to pick from whatever courses are not closed and anything that the seniors did not take. The sophomores then follow the same arrangement and so on. The freshman or class of 2014 gets last pick and can only choose from whatever courses that may still be open, and are not closed by the seniors , juniors, and sophomores. The freshmen, like myself, not only get to pick last but find it impossible to make the perfect schedule.Most times, freshman must forget about their own preference and just take what they can get because unfortunately there are not many choices left by the time it is their turn. Therefore, there is not only competition of courses between freshman and the upperclassman, but also between freshman and themselves. By the end of the last day, students must choose from whatever classes are open even if it means they do not want or need that class.
The registration arrangement makes the freshman’s year even more difficult by trying to find open classes to match their preferences.In conclusion, Montclair State University is kan excellent school which I am glad that I have the opportunity to attend. One of the things that I dislike about Montclair is the parking system. Another thing that I cannot stand is the shuttle buses. The shuttle buses can definitely be improved to be a more effective system and an easier system for all students. Finally, the registration arrangement is another thing that I loathe about Montclair. With that being said, Montclair State University is an exceptional school, but, like any other school, has room for improvement

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